The CUB found a CROCHET passion.

Born in Berkshire, England, Andrew Baillie first picked up a knitting at the early age of 8 by sitting beside, and watching, his Grandma knit things like blankets and armrest covers. His Grandma give him her old steel 3MM knitting needles and some yarn and from there began to teach him how to knit. Andrew’s Grandfather, an Arsenal fan, asked him to make a football scarf and this was the first thing he made!

Andrew grew up interested in fashion and illustration and after leaving school got back into knitting, wanting to work with different yarns and fabrics. He got the old steel 3MM knitting needles out again and began to practice and since then has learnt much about different stitched and how to make a wide array of things.

Following the completion of his undergrad in Model Design & Special Effects he continued with his knitting, now using chunky and super chunky yarn from which he would make bedspreads and blankets to sell. It was after this he began to develop an interest in Crochet, making a chunky hat with a pom-pom which proved to be very challenging! After a great deal of practice and failed attempts he managed to crochet the hat and fell in love with crochet from there onwards.

At the age of 25 Andrew came out and wished to be involved with the LGBTQ+ community and learnt about the different scenes and the apparel worn by people on those scenes. He became interested in seeing if he could produce crochet alternatives to much of what he saw and, with the help of his crochet buddy, Lee, he was convinced into trying to start his own small business making crochet jocks and harnesses.


Since then Andrew has worked on establishing his brand and getting known within the LGBTQ+ scenes, like the bear scene. He called his business CUB de CROCHÉT and has taken it from there.